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Washington C.H., OH
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Services and Prices

We understand that every business is out to turn a profit and that every individual likes to save money. We know that computer service is something everyone hates to spend money on. We keep our rates low. We guarantee to beat our competitors.

Below is a basic example of our rates. We will notify you if the repair will cost more than the value of the equipment, or if we believe that it can not be repaired. If you have questions, concerns, or just want something clarified, contact us. 






We'll tell you what's wrong with your equipment. No charge!

Virus Removal*

$60 (Flat Rate)

Virus removal, Clean computer of temp files, fix corruption, and update software.

OS Reload*

$85 (Flat Rate)

Save personal data, reload OS with drivers & updates, then restore personal data.

In-Shop Service

$60/hour (Min)

Install/Configuration of PC software or hardware, PC peripheral setup, small electronic repairs, etc.

Service Call

$85 hour

(1 hour minimum)

On-site service work. Out of county service calls bill from the time a technician leaves the shop.



We'll come to your home/business and unhook your equipment, take it to the shop for repair, then bring it back and reconnect it. Reinstallation of 3rd party software or devices onsite will be billable at the service call rate. (Inside city limits only!, $10 - $25 trip fee outide city limits) 

*Note: For computers running Windows XP and Windows Vista, virus removals are $75 and reloads are $100 due to the operating system reaching end-of-support. Windows XP and Vista Diagnostics are $25 minimum